Cardamom prices hit a new high

August 06, 2019 |
Agri Commodities
Cardamom prices hit a new high

Kattappana: Cardamom is hitting record highs. For the first time in history, e-auctions have reached Rs 4,000 and farmers are thrilled. The card was sold at a spice board e-auction. 4036.91 was auctioned by Sugandagiri Spices Promoters and Traders Pvt.  A few days ago, the auction price of Kumuli Spice More Trading Company was at Rs.3921.54.

The cardamom prices were good for two months, but the average price did not benefit farmers. But average prices have started rising over the past few days. The maximum price for a kilo of cardamom is Rs 5006 at auction on July 31.

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