kamadhenu aayog by central govt

September 10, 2019 |
kamadhenu aayog by central govt

Ahmedabad: The central government is on a mission to lend a helping hand to enterprises despite the country's economic downturn. The central government is now proposing a scheme to provide better income for the dairy farmers. The Kamadhenu Aayog, a Rs 500 crore project, has become a helping hand for young dairy farmers in the country. The central government has announced that it will provide up to 60 percent funding for dairy projects.

Through this scheme, not only milk, butter and ghee but also wheat and cow dung can be made into value added products. They can be used in medicine and agriculture. If commercialization of wheat and cow dung, farmers can avoid having to abandon the cow as the milk production declines. Promoting the pharmaceutical value of cow products. Kamadhenu Aayog Board Chairman Vallabh Kathiria explained that skill development training will be provided to those who run the farms.

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