Jack Ma officially retires as Alibaba's chairman

September 10, 2019 |
Jack Ma officially retires as Alibaba's chairman

One of the biggest debates in the business world is the news that Jack Ma is stepping down as Alibaba's chairman, one of the global online giants. Established 20 years ago, the institute is worth Rs 29 lakh crore today. Jack Ma, who suffered a lot in the 1990s for a job, worked as a teacher at a salary of just Rs. 800. Following this, 23 of the 24 applicants who applied for employment at KFC were hired, leaving only Jack Ma. More than 30 applications were sent to Jack Ma.

But even there, he had to fail. Everyone knows his name, Jack Ma, but his name is Ma Yun. When Jack Ma opened the online store, Alibaba, in 1999, he had only the support of 17 of his friends. The life of the owner of Alibaba, which the world calls Ma Yun, Jack Ma, was full of challenges.

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