gypsum panel makes wave in construction field

July 26, 2019 |
gypsum panel makes wave in construction field

When you hear about house construction, it is common for everyone to be concerned, because of the cost. But the house building projects using the gypsum panel are becoming'viral' in Kerala. The gypsum board has been a major hit in the construction industry because of its low cost and 'time saving magic'. The construction of a house using a glass fiber reinforced gypsum panel implemented by BMTPC (Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council) under the Union Ministry of Housing is now growing up in Kerala.

NAA Building Products Limited is one of the first entrepreneurs of GFRG houses in Kerala. GFRG panels allow for the construction of walls, roofs, stairs and ceilings except for the foundation and basement. These walls do not require plastering. Phosphor gypsum (biproduct of phosphoric acid), roving glass and ammonium carbonate are the main raw materials for GFRG panels.

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