Gemopai the latest electric scooter

September 09, 2019 |
Gemopai the latest electric scooter

Delhi: The Government of India is giving its best support to electric vehicles, companies in promoting electric vehicles in the country. Power scooters are also on the rise. The GemOpai electric scooter, manufactured by Go Green Mobility and Oppai Electric, is now a hot topic in the automotive industry. Electric scooter Astrid Lite is gaining popularity.

The Ex-showroom is priced at Rs 79,999. Scooter's pre-booking company has already started. According to the company, the three-driver model will deliver speeds of up to 90 km / h. Amit Raj, co-founder of GemOpai Electric, said: 'With the advent of Astrid Lite, we can make a big difference in the electric scooter market.'

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